Work Life Balance for Physicians – Whistler Day Hike to Balance Work and Life

Work Life Balance – Whistler Day Hike to Balance Work and Life
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Here is a bit of work life balance I recently completed. A day hike on top of Whistler Mountain. Watch until the end to see the secret you can use to balance work and life for yourself. Dike Drummond MD: Most physicians struggle with work life balance. One of the reasons is we don’t have the structure

in our larger life that we have inside of our careers. What is one thing you want more of in your life. Getting this for yourself is the major part of creating work life balance. Here is a day hike on Whistler Mountain that I created my own work life balance with. Enjoy the views of Whistler Blackcomb ski resort and the Black Tusk and even a couple rock marmots thrown in. Then watch until the end to learn the secret to creating work life balance like this for yourself.

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