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6 thoughts on “Wellness (NEW!! for 2014) – No.1 For Wellness DEALS – Ultimate Life UK.com, Gluten Free, alternative

  1. S Cameron-barnes

    Thanks, great idea by the way I have many friends who are interested in at least one of the categories you sell, and we all love a bargain!

  2. Kumar Humar

    Hi soobee2012

    Great question, please ask your friend to contact the guys at Ultimate Life via email info@ultimatelifeuk.com
    They are currently taking enquiries from Wellness service provider, experts, product owners, authors etc
    If your friend is a Reiki healer, this would be of interest to them.

    hope this helps

  3. S Cameron-barnes

    I have a friend who's recently set up as a Reiki Healer, and would like to sign up with you, how would she go about it?

  4. Kumar Humar

    Sorry for the late response Gemma,
    Yes they will, they will offer Spas and everything Wellness you can think of.
    Spas to many different Yoga to Organic foods and clothing, Fair trade, Treatments, alternative therapies, all Mind, Body and Spirit products and services.

  5. Gemma Dale

    Wonderful !!!, I have been waiting for a site like this, a spiritual Groupon, loving it
    already signed up and waiting for your launch

    will you also offer meditation spas and wellness retreats ???

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