Turn Your Managers Into Coaches with Coach Micheal Burt

In less than five years every manager in America will have to be transitioned into a great coach that engages people in a set of systematic and consistent behaviors that allows them to do something tomorrow they simply cannot do today. This is the role of a great coach.

In this one day to one year comprehensive coaching program former championship coach Micheal Burt will coach and develop your managers into great coaches people will play hard for. He will speak directly to the trend of:

1. Recruiting and attracting
2. Coaching and developing
3. Retaining

This program contains 12 modules you can pick or choose from or take all 12. Who is better or more qualified to teach your managers how to engage the troops, build the culture, or teach how to win than a former championship coach who now coaches and develops some of the top talent in the world.

Go to www.coachburt.com to learn more or e-mail info@coachburt.com for a free consultation.

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