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The biggest and most attractive part of anybody’s character is their ability to express, display and demonstrate honesty.

In any situation and in pretty much all of our relationships, we are all compellingly attracted to the honest expression of what it is to be a being human. Nothing contributes more to success than the true expression of who you truly are.

People are drawn to honesty as within it, others are able to see the truth about who you actually are without masks, superficialities and falseness. This reflection is a mirror image of what is within each and every one of us.

Honesty is a big topic because we all want to believe that we are honest people. We have good intentions, play by the rules and try not to hurt anyone. But when it comes to pure honesty, many of us falter. It is only human because we were all conditioned to lie.

When we hide our true feelings, we often think that we are protecting another person from hurt. We gloss over truths or just avoid confrontation altogether. Most of us were taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Think about someone you need to confront with the truth. What feelings arise inside of you when you think of actually telling them your true feelings? Many times it is a deep feeling of fear. The little you views the other person as a threat to your safety, and the imagined intimidation makes you want to shrink back and avoid confrontation.

Facing a fear is like being a little kid afraid to look under the bed because of the monster that hides there. As an adult, you can see that it was just a myth and you are no longer afraid to peak under the bed. Just like the deeper parts of yourself, you may avoid the truth within because you fear what lies beneath the surface.

You can start with small truths first before you build your way up to big talks with parents or relatives who have hurt you, but the power in Honesty is phenomenal as by being brutally honest about who you are, what your standards are in relation to others and what you are willing to accept from other people in the context of your life – doesn’t just let other people know exactly who you are, but it also sets you completely free!



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