The Art of Playing Attacking Soccer Part 3 – German Academy Coaching

Coach your Team the same way as Top German U19 Academy; FC Schalke 04.
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Presentation Group: U19 Schalke 04
Duration: 89 min.
Coach: Norbert Elgert (FC Schalke 04)
Director: Peter Schreiner (Institute for Youth Soccer)

Peter Schreiner and FC Schalke 04 U19 Academy Coach Norbert Elgert present the 3rd part of this series “The Art of Playing Attacking Soccer (AKA: One-Touch Combination Play)”.

This DVD focuses on the importance of good positional play as the basis for a successful build-up attacks that are always indicated when a quick counter-attack is not possible.

The most important quality for this to be successful is the ability of the whole team to keep possession even when under pressure by the opponent or pressure of time.

Ball possession is no gaurantee to win but it allows to dictate tempo and rhythm and above all, to force the opponent to do a lot of running.

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