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EPN Breakfast Talks 21: Team Management, Sylviane Cannio , Master Certified Coach – 2/2

Team management is a concept that is increasingly gaining importance in today's companies and organizations. For this very reason European Professionals Network (EPN) acted to expand its members' leadership and team management skills by hosting a Discover A Lot More

The Daily Huddle – Team & Communication Skills Training | Business Coach Des Moines, Iowa

Communication Systems: The daily huddle is a great way to keep you and your team on the same page. This is a good communication skills training activity you can use with your team everyday. It helps with strategic planning, team morale and business Discover A Lot More

Tactics Corner With Coach Bradley Morrison Ep. 2 – [Team Tactics] – Possession To Go Forward

Welcome back to another tactics corner! Today we join Bradley as he takes us through a breakdown of the first team and how they use possession in transition to create scoring opportunities. What would you like to see in the next Tactics Corner? Stay Discover A Lot More

Golden State Miniors Week 2 Team Builder vs Coach Sean and the Delaware Decidueyes | DnD Season 5

Teambuilder for Conninja and the Golden State Miniors for week 1. What's he going to bring to the match? Tune in to find out! GS Miniors Logo made by: http://chrishankhah.deviantart.com Our channel is about us having fun and playing Pokémon while Discover A Lot More

Community Coaching — Matthew Richardson coaches junior cricket team (Part 2)

AFL Legend Matthew ‘Richo’ Richardson thinks he has what it takes to coach his local cricket team. But even with his professional playing career behind him, it proves to be tougher than it seems. See how Richo overcomes these challenges and becomes Discover A Lot More