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IMG_1466.MOV, Coachande handledning, Coaching Supervision passar för chef, ledare mfl.

Coachande handledning (Coaching Supervision) passar för dig som är chef, ledare, coach, läkare, pedagog - har en roll där du ska leda och inspirera andra människor till utveckling. Filmen ger ett smakprov hur processen är upplagd och hur vi Discover A Lot More

The Restorative Resilience Model of Supervision Training Pack

This video introducing the training resource based on the sustainable model of professional resilience designed to be used in supervision, coaching and supportive sessions, by the editor Mike Benge. https://www.pavpub.com/restorative-resilience-model-of-supervision-training-pack/ Discover A Lot More

Coaching Construction – Management and Supervision Skills For Construction Personnel

Imagine a world where your construction employees’ wake up feeling inspired to go to work and always reach their capability and potential…. Studies and surveys suggest that the biggest variance in employees being engaged and achieving their Discover A Lot More

Einführung zum Universitätslehrgang: Supervision, Coaching und Organisationsentwicklung

Studienangebote am Institut ARGE Bildungsmanagement der Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität: Kurzvorstellung des Universitätslehrgangs Beratungswissenschaften und Management Sozialer Systeme mit dem Studienschwerpunkt: Supervision, Coaching und Organisationsentwicklung Discover A Lot More