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Presentation Skills Training Gloria Starr, Global Executive Coach

Presentation Skills Training Tips Speech Coaching http://www.gloriastarr.com/event-calendar Author of 12 books, DVDs and Educational MP3s Private Counsel to Royalty in the Middle and Far East Etiquette Advisor to Foreign Dignitaries and Diplomats Recipient Discover A Lot More

Personal Development Online Course | Manager Leadership Skills Training – Coaching Course

Online Leadership / Personal Development Course with Tailored Content! FREE Guide @ http://www.ParioCoachingTools.com The Pario Leadership Training Course focuses on Manager Leader Success Factors. The 100 day fast-track leadership skills training Discover A Lot More

2 Drills For Handling HIGH PRESSURE Defense with NBA Skills Coach Drew Hanlen

NBA Skills Coach Drew Hanlen drops two new drills for handling high-pressure defense. You'll need a partner -- but these drills are a MUST if you're a small guard who needs to handle the ball at the top of the key, slice through full-court defenses, Discover A Lot More

Coaching Construction – Management and Supervision Skills For Construction Personnel

Imagine a world where your construction employees’ wake up feeling inspired to go to work and always reach their capability and potential…. Studies and surveys suggest that the biggest variance in employees being engaged and achieving their Discover A Lot More

The Daily Huddle – Team & Communication Skills Training | Business Coach Des Moines, Iowa

Communication Systems: The daily huddle is a great way to keep you and your team on the same page. This is a good communication skills training activity you can use with your team everyday. It helps with strategic planning, team morale and business Discover A Lot More

Evening workshop on Life Skills By Mr. Paul Susheel – A youngest Trainer, International Life Coach

The GIBS students had a Personality Development and Life Skills evening workshop organized by Mr. Paul Susheel - A youngest Trainer, International Life Coach & motivational speaker. During the entire session, he dwelt upon improving knowledge, attitude Discover A Lot More