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357Solutions.com – Leadership Coaching – Management Consulting – Employee Training

357 Solutions. LLC is an Leadership Coaching, Management Consulting and Employee Training company specializing in High Performance Organizational and Human Resources Development. Each Program is customized to meet the individual needs of the client Discover A Lot More

Coaching Construction – Management and Supervision Skills For Construction Personnel

Imagine a world where your construction employees’ wake up feeling inspired to go to work and always reach their capability and potential…. Studies and surveys suggest that the biggest variance in employees being engaged and achieving their Discover A Lot More

EPN Breakfast Talks 21: Team Management, Sylviane Cannio , Master Certified Coach – 2/2

Team management is a concept that is increasingly gaining importance in today's companies and organizations. For this very reason European Professionals Network (EPN) acted to expand its members' leadership and team management skills by hosting a Discover A Lot More

The Life Coach School Podcast Episode #162: Time Management – Procrastination

Time is the MOST important asset that we have in our lives. Unfortunately, most of us do a poor job at staying focused and managing our time properly. We regularly indulge in procrastination and delay (or completely deny ourselves) getting what Discover A Lot More

Performance Management Training Program – Effective Personal Productivity

http://pratteffectiveleadership.com/epp/ Hi, this is Dora Kurimay from Pratt Effective Leadership. In this video, I will give you an overview of one of our programs, Effective Personal Productivity. Effective Personal Productivity is a personal Discover A Lot More