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Executive coaching from pitfalls to Magic Part 2 Jean Francois Cousin Bangkok June 2010 TCS

Executive Coach Jean-Francois Cousin shares a recipe for Success in Executive Coaching and what's behind its Magic at the Thailand Coaching Society Launch in June 2010 in Bangkok. Jean-Francois Cousin is the Managing Director of 1-2-WIN Executive Discover A Lot More

Helping Executives Become Agile Leaders: Coaching the Executive Leader – Michael Hamman

From the perspective of the professional coach, coaching executive leaders is different than most other coaching situations. With executives, you are not only a facilitator of their inner process of discovery, as is true with any other professional Discover A Lot More

What is Corporate Coaching, Executive Coach Niels Johnson-Lameijer the benefits of business coaching

What is corporate coaching? Niels Johnson-Lameijer, a certified corporate coach, drives bottom-line results by guiding employees to higher levels of performance. Niels Johnson-Lameijer coaches, trains, and counsels executives, teams and individual Discover A Lot More