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Business Coaching For Kinesiologists, Life Coaches and Wellness Industry Professionals!

STEP UP PROGRAM: http://www.andramariawellness.com/stepup/ STEP UP YOUR BIZ SIGN UP: http://www.andramariawellness.com/stepupyourbiz/ This week I give you an update at the behind the scenes changes at Andra Maria Wellness. The thing is, I've Discover A Lot More

Community Coaching — Matthew Richardson coaches junior cricket team (Part 2)

AFL Legend Matthew ‘Richo’ Richardson thinks he has what it takes to coach his local cricket team. But even with his professional playing career behind him, it proves to be tougher than it seems. See how Richo overcomes these challenges and becomes Discover A Lot More

The International Coach Federation Capital Coaches Conference–Be Part Of It

The Capital Coaches Conference organized by ICF Metro DC is the premier event in the world capital of coaching. The Robert H. Smith School of Business is a proud sponsor of the Capital Coaches Conference. Hear coaches talk about their great experience Discover A Lot More

The Coaches Fitness ep4 – Awards winning personal fitness trainer : Perrie – 20170330a

MIHK.tv是一個冀打破主流電視霸權、衝破主流傳媒框架的網上電視台,擁有八條頻道,不惜投放人力資源,務求節目遠勝主流電視電台。盼大家鼎力支持,一起闖進媒體新領域。 訂閱整條頻道收費如下: Discover A Lot More