Prevent Physician Burnout – Build a Better Day Off

Prevent Physician Burnout – Build a Better Day Off
One of the keys to preventing physician burnout is a high quality day off whenever you can get one. I talk to hundreds of physicians and they often have days off that are as stressful as their days in the office.

Don’t just jump from one punch list to the next and spend your day off catching up. Make it a juicy experience of rejuvenation. Here are three ways to build a better day off.

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The 3 keys are
1) Build and delegate to your non-work team, so you aren’t mowing the lawn and doing laundry on your day off.
2) Prep the day so it is a true day off. Clear the decks so you won’t be interrupted.
3) Finally, if you have a day off, take the day off. If you get called by the office or hospital either don’t answer the phone or don’t answer their questions – I even give you the exact words you can use.

When you are consistent at these three, your day off recharges your energetic bank accounts and prevents physician burnout.

Dike Drummond MD is the CEO of, author of the book, “Stop Physician Burnout – what to do when working harder isn’t working”, creator of the research-proven One Minute Mindfulness Training. He has over 1600 hours of one-on-one physician coaching experience and has delivered trainings to organizations such as TEAM Health, the Minnesota Medical Association, Kaiser Northwest, the AAFP Scientific Assembly and many more.

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