Coaching High School Water Polo: Individual Drills for Off-Season Development

Legendary water polo coach Don Stoll shares his off-season program for skill development, strength training, and conditioning with an emphasis on individual drills and play development For information on purchasing this DVD, go to: For Discover A Lot More

‘The Anicca Way’ Webinar Series #1 Masculine / Feminine Dynamics with NLP coach Briana Cavion

"Our emotional body is the power of this planet. It's the rumbling of the lava, it's the shaking of the earth, it's the turning of the tides. It's 'energy in motion', 'e-motion'. - Briana Cavion, Wholelife NLP. I first met Briana at a dinner in Discover A Lot More

RowPoint Executive Business Coaching – Seattle – Bellevue – Redmond – Kirkland – Portland At rowpoint executive business coaching we use consulting data, training and coaching to create permanent change. Whether you are a Corporate Executive, Director, Manager, Sales Professional or Corporate Presenter - RowPoint Discover A Lot More

Hardcore Workout with Miami Female Fitness Trainer | NPC Bikini Posing Coach

Hardcore Workout with Miami Female Fitness Trainer, Shellie Edward | NPC Bikini Posing Coach Your Miami Personal Fitness Trainer from Miami Beach, FL. Are you looking to get fit before your next physique competition, Discover A Lot More

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Sólo cambié mi actitud y todo cambió | Juan Bautista Segonds | TEDxSanIsidro

Bautista llevó y lleva a cabo muchas acciones solidarias con el fin de promover la paz a través de los valores del Rugby y nos comparte valiosas historias para inspirarnos a resolver conflictos con la no violencia. En el 2009 fundó Rugby sin Discover A Lot More