Life Coaching Tips: Paradox

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What is LFI?

LifeFacilitation® Institute is an Integrative Coaching Academy that teaches participants how to improve their personal and professional lives, and provides courses for people who want to be trained in Life Coaching and/or Executive Coaching.

LFI’s methodology incorporates Consulting, Life Coaching and Psychology by helping participants to acquire and use powerful skills for a happy, successful and meaningful life, and to use coaching tools and techniques they can apply to help others.

What do LFI participants learn?

Students will acquire valuable skills and techniques that help:

1. Coach others to maximize their potential and be empowered
2. Improve relationships, find more happiness at home and work
3. Define and reach goals through insights and breakthroughs
4. Overcome barriers and take charge of personal and professional challenges
5.create shifts leading to rewarding results and sustained success

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