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Okay, so today I want to talk about the 3rd pillar in what I call my “Foundation 4 Business Model”. And the 3rd pillar that you need to focus on is creating coaching programs and products that you can sell in your online business.

But if you take a step back and look at my “Foundation 4 Model” as a whole, you’ll instantly recognise that while you’re consistently doing the steps in “Pillar 1” of the foundation 4 model; you’re already creating the content for your coaching programs and products automatically.

The content creation is already taken care of automatically.

Now, some of my coaching students have turned around to me before and said well okay, I’ve been creating content for 10 days solid now and I now have 5 hours worth of content created that can be turned into a product that I can sell online.

So why don’t I just do a long content creation session tomorrow and record the last 5 hours of training and get it over and done with so that I then have the 10 hour home study course created and ready to sell as a complete and ready package.

Well, what I always say to that is. “Sure go ahead, but you still have to go out and do 30 minutes a day of daily content creation for the rest of the month anyway”.

So it isn’t something that you can just switch on and off from day to day in your business. It has to become a daily habit that you stick to every day in your online business.

So as an example, let’s say that you were a professional runner and you run for 30 minutes every day without fail.

But you then turn around to yourself and say, “Tomorrow, instead of running for just 30 minutes I’m going to run the distance of a marathon”.

So that would be around 26 — 27 miles right?

So you go and do that 26 — 27 miles that next day, but that doesn’t mean that you can then go and have the next 26 days off from running and do no training whatsoever does it?

No, you would obviously need to take a couple of days off for this scenario to recover your muscles and your bodies energy levels but once you’ve taken those couple of days off, you need to go back to running for 30 minutes every single day again.

So of course if you did want to record the last 5 hours of your training in one single day, then that’s great.

You now have your first 10 hour’s worth of training ready to rock and roll right.

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