How To Become A Life Coach – How Much Can I Earn As A Life Coach?

8 Questions you MUST ask before training to be a coach:

It feels GREAT helping people change their lives, and some folks find it tempting to offer their coaching services for free, or at least undersell themselves.

The bottom line is, we all have to eat and we all have bills to pay, and what’s more, people actually are very happy to pay for coaching.

So, how much can you earn as a life coach?

Let’s explore the matter together …

If you’ve been wondering how to become a life coach, the first thing I’d say to you is, “Just do it!”

Of course, you should get some life coach training, but there’s nothing more rewarding than enabling people to find their passions, follow their dreams and turn them into reality.

As for the life coach training itself, there’s a huge variety to choose from – which should tell you that there’s no definitive way to become a life coach. Although some have certification, there is no legal requirement.

If you’re seriously wondering how to become a life coach, the main issues you should be concerned with are whether you have a passion for working with people and if you enjoy making a difference.

If you answered yes, then you have all these other benefits to look forward to once you’ve completed whatever life coach training you decide upon:

You’re your own boss
You can work from home – or anywhere in the world from a laptop with a Skype connection
You can set your own timetable
You get paid what you’re truly worth, not what some boss decides to give you for an hour of your time.
You pick your own clients – and only work with people you truly enjoy working with!
You have the satisfaction of changing people’s lives for the better forever.

If you’ve been asking yourself how to become a life coach, it’s time to get off the fence! Take action today. Your life is ticking by – and there are people who need you!

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