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Most businesses assume that working hard and doing a lot of activities is what is going to bring them success. We make an assumption that in order to get the things we want, and the places we want to be, we just have to do all the work to get there.

However, this is untrue. Just hard work does not actually get you where you want to be.

Watch the video to see how Shweta Jhajharia teaches her business coaching clients in London to go beyond basic hard work to achieve true success.

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Shweta Jhajharia is one of the top business coaches in London. She helps business owners who are seeking the next stage of growth in their business to scale up their business in a sustainable way. She has won the London Coach of the Year every year since 2009 and has received numerous accolades from ActionCOACH London and Worldwide as well as external bodies for her excellent business coaching and business advice.

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