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Obviously, because you just typed “Executive Coaching Centennial” you are more than likely curious about the topic of “Executive Coaching.” At our company (www.portocol.com (303) 868-1751) we are here to help you every step of the way in your quest. However, we want to first take a step back and look at the differences between this type of strategic business growth approach and other, shall we say “more traditional” ones such as consulting and business motivational workshops.
In a quick phrase or two, Executive Coaching is leadership training and development customized to your individual strength and the overall objectives you are trying to achieve for you specific business enterprise.
While searching for “Executive Coaching Centennial” you may not have been prepared for the following analogy, but juxtaposing something that you may be familiar with (like sports), will help you get the overall concept and idea of Executive Coaching. Imagine for a second or two that you are an athlete looking to reach a professional level in your chosen sport.
Tell me the one key team member that you will look to bring onboard to help you maximize your full potential in your chosen sport.? Yes, of course it is your coach!!! Whether you participate in single sports like tennis, boxing, or golf or a team sport such as basketball, baseball, or football, a good coach can help you get the most out of your performance.

And you know what? Successful business executives have known for years the power of employing an Executive Coach as part of their team to help them maximize their potential and by default, help the company achieve its goals and objectives. Value in fact is what you are looking for when you typed in Executive Coaching Centennial as the key phrase for your online search term.
Remember that euphoric “charged up” feeling you had after completing your last business success seminar? You can’t wait to get back to the office to put everything you learned into practice, right? Well, by day 2 the level of excitement begins to dissipate. Expand that to a 2 to 3 weeks and suddenly you are back to the your old habits and have not implemented a darn thing of what you learned at the training workshop.
Want to know why? The simple word “Accountability” can quickly answer that question for you.

My educated guess is that when you decided to go online and look up Executive Coaching Centennial, what you were really looking for is for someone to hold you accountable to execute the strategies and tactics that will help your business reach its goals and objectives.
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