Developing Game Intelligence in Soccer Part 3 – German Coaching Methods

Coach your Team to Play to the Same High Standards as Top German Academy Players
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Duration: 62 min.
Author & Coach: Horst Wein
Director: Peter Schreiner (Institute for Youth Soccer)

In part 3 of this series offers to coaches a series of simplified small sided games 3 vs 3 to acquiring the competence for the 7 v 7. The players space is getting bigger and bigger, the challenges become more complex. This way, the players learn to orient themselves in an enlarged area and to make correct decisions quickly.
Stimulate through playing instead of instructing with exercises. (Horst Wein)

All these simplified games for teams of three presented in this DVD are based on realistic game situations.

Preparatory Games for 7 v 7
3 v 1 – Ball possession in two adjacent playing areas
Quick attack 3 v 1 plus 2
3 v 1 with a safety defender
3 v 3 with four goals on each side of a square area
3 v 2 with counter attack
3 v 2 plus 1 with three teams
Keeping possession in a 3 v 2 situation
Variation of ball possession in the 3 v 2
Through-balls – 3 v 1 plus 1
3 v 3 on two big goals
3 v 3 Passes through one of the four goals
3 v 3 Crosses for headballs.

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