Dealing With Your Inner Saboteur – Benefits of Business Coaching

Monica Oliver, leadership consultant and certified executive coach, addresses how to manage your internal critic – “your Saboteur” – so you can move forward. “

The Saboteur is the internal voice that pretends to protect you from danger, loss or taking unsafe risks, but it’s usually overly cautious and prevents you from making a change to have a more fulfilling career and life. It often recites a litany of baseless judgments, rules and limiting beliefs.

This video will help you think about the process of dealing with your inner Saboteur. Understanding how to tame your inner saboteur, or inner critic, can be a big part of business coaching.

Below is an excerpt from a recent blog by Monica titled, “Tame Your Inner Saboteur So You Can Live A Happy, Productive Life”.

“We all have an inner critic, who I like to call your own personal, dedicated Saboteur. Almost always in my coaching sessions, three separate voices come to the table to talk things through: the client, me and the client’s Saboteur. Whatever issue my client is trying to tackle…like transition to a new role, meet with a big honcho, or have a tough conversation with an employee…the Saboteur has a list of reasons for not moving forward. Left unchallenged, the Saboteur wins, leaving the client feeling immobilized”.

How can executive or business coaching help you succeed?

Often times, highly motivated individuals directly call on Monica to help them take their game to the next level, make a difference, or catapult their career trajectory.

Topics include:
• “What’s the next big thing in my life?”
• “How to break out of a rut”
• “Feeling like a victim”
• “How to regain control of my priorities”

Here is one testimonial from one of Monica’s clients for you to consider:

“Monica helped me see that what I perceived to be strengths, perfectionism and need for control, actually were liabilities. She showed me a better way to manage, lead and communicate. Now that I’m more efficient and effective, it gives me more time to find new opportunities for my business.”
Owner/President, Marketing Communications Firm

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