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Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 31 Actors Playing Real People | WIRED

Dialect coach Erik Singer takes a look at idiolects, better known as the specific way one individual speaks. To best break down this concept, Erik analyzes some actors playing real people. Just how close was Jamie Foxx's Ray Charles? What about Cate Discover A Lot More

2017 Marathon Prevost Coach Interior Tour ~ What A $2,500,000 RV Looks LIke

Tinyhome.tour will be coming soon! It is one of my goals for the summer. I wanted to get this video posted and let you all know that we have about 10 of these tour videos finished and ready to post. I wanted to get the website finished first. Anyway, Discover A Lot More

Pro Bono e Sessão Matadora – Coaching Executivo não tem. Saiba por que….

Neste vídeo Caroline Calaça fala sobre as particularidades do Coaching Executivo e de negócios e por que esse mercado é tão diferenciado para a atuação de um coach... Baixe aqui um e book gratuito: Discover A Lot More

How Cues In Exercises Supercharge Results Deadlift – Renton Personal Trainer When we train we pick exercises which fit the results we want to achieve. We have to smart here to pick the biggest bang for the buck exercises but we also have to be smart with what exercise a person can do so it Discover A Lot More

Dra.Marta González-Corró- Coaching Wingwave, liberar emociones-creencias limitadoras-II Symp.Amys

La Dra. Marta González-Corró nos presenta el taller: Coaching Wingwave – coaching para liberar emociones y creencias limitadoras, en el II Symposium de médicos y sanadores celebrado en Barcelona los días 27,28 y 29 de junio de 2014 en el colegio Discover A Lot More