C2C Short Audio Interview with Elizabeth McCourt, Leadership and Executive Coach

C2C Interviews Elizabeth McCourt, a Leadership and Executive Coach. We talk about the type of work she does in corporations and small businesses and also find out more about her recent TEDx Talk.

“Resilience is an essential element in life and leadership.”

“After a short stint in M&A at Morgan Stanley in NYC, I went to law school then started my career as a litigator in New Mexico. Upon moving back to NY, I worked as an executive recruiter of financial advisors for 16 years. Always knowing my coaching style contributed to my recruiting success, I started studying to become a certified coach in 2014. As I continued with the training, I realized I’d found what I wanted to focus my career on. I am a lifelong learner with several degrees beyond my coaching credentials: BS, JD, and an MFA in creative writing. I’ve presented coaching case studies at Harvard’s Institute of Coaching and at ESMT Business School Coaching Colloquia in Berlin Germany.

I recently finished a work of fiction and am presently working on non-fiction book based on my coaching methodology. I’ve also been honored to speak at a TEDx.”

To find how how Elizabeth can help you become a better leader or help you grow your business connect with her here. bit.ly/29ZBqZN

Also, Elizabeth offers a free 20 min laser coaching session!

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