Better Swim Coaching with Gregg Troy: Dryland training for swimmers, part 1

Gregg Troy, head swim coach at the University of Florida and 2012 USA Olympic Head Men’s Swimming coach, explains why and how he uses Vasa Trainers and Vasa Swim Ergs to successfully train his swimmers using these valuable conditioning tools. Coach Troy explains why and how he has used Vasa Trainers & Vasa Swim Ergometers as integral parts of his teams dryland swim training programs. He offers sound advice to strength & conditioning coaches learning the value of including Vasa Trainers & Vasa Swim Ergs in dryland swim training programs. He emphasizes the importance of using proper form for safety and best results.

Vasa has produced premium quality exercise training equipment for sports, fitness and rehabilitation since 1988. World Champions, Olympians, and amateur swimmers, & triathletes, as well as swim coaches, triathlon coaches, Physical Therapists, doctors and conditioning coaches worldwide rely on Vasa products to dramatically improve performance, test progress, and prevent or rehab from injury. Let’s do something great!

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