Aligning Your Head & Heart

The importance of aligning your head and your heart so you can reach your full potential in your personal and professional life.

In this video coaching newsletter I discuss an email success story from a guy who shares how my work impacted his life after a breakup. He realized that his ex-girlfriend was negative and constantly making him feel bad and doubt himself. He focused on becoming a better version of himself and got back in the dating game. He shares some of his recent success stories, including with an NFL cheerleader who he previously felt was totally out of his league. He discusses the paradigm shift he underwent that helped him to make sure that his head and his heart were aligned.

“Trusting your curiosity, heart and intuition is not something that is traditionally embraced or encouraged in the west. We are constantly told that we need to be realistic and practical. The reality is that we will invest the most time, energy and effort into people and projects that we love. Reaching your full potential is not possible if you are constantly focused on trying to please others and live your life according to the unreasonable expectations of others. Ignoring your heart and intuition and doing what others expect leads to a life of mediocrity and sets you up for enormous setbacks. Why? If you are constantly settling for less than your hearts desire, you’ll never make the effort that is required to have a spectacular personal and professional life. Consistently settling and living a life that is less than what you are capable of living eventually breaks your spirit and causes you to lose hope. Once you lose hope, you’ll drive yourself into an early grave.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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From my heart to yours,

Corey Wayne

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12 thoughts on “Aligning Your Head & Heart

  1. J. Jeong

    Dear Corey Wayne,

    Thank you for bringing out the self-respecting real man inside me. He was always within me but I had forgotten about him. I am still on the journey to become the true alpha male that I deserve and desire to be. If I did not meet you, I would have forgotten about my beast for the rest of life. Thank you.

    P.S. It's a lot about psychology as well.

  2. Taimur Mughal

    Coach I fucking Love you man. My breakup happened in February and since then you changed my life. I did as you told no contact rules and yes she still did not contacted however and I do kinda start to miss her soo bad now. I was getting good but I suddenly miss her so much. I know I can date other girls but she is really where my heart lies. She is my kryptonite what can I do Coreyyy I can't get over her I can't explain the pain for forgetting about her is toooo much. Its is Brutal I can not get my Doll out of my mind. She still has not contact me so far.

  3. kim ruk

    You really helped me a lot thanx… I have an ex who admitted she cheated i left her and never talked to her… Im going to move on thanx to u… Its been two weeks since

  4. Avalon

    I totally agree with you concerning the fact that people that have married for long periods of time are worse off than those of us that are serial monogamous and single I am 57 years old and grateful that when I do meet a great partner that I will be able to give him my best years meaning of course we take very good care of ourselves as you say in your video thank you Cory for being Right On even to we the Beautiful Female people Thank you…

  5. Andras Kanalas

    I broke out of friendzone last year, but I broke up with her. After about 6 months of no contact, there was a party at their place. His brother is a good friend of mine, so I was invited. As we drank some alcohol, my ex, who was there partying with us, wanted to put up a music she was dying to listen. It's title is Bad Liar from Selena Gomez. While the music was going, she sang the song, danced to it, and had a great time, all while maintaining eyecontact with me and smiling at me. Then she winked at me, and after that we had a great time talking and having fun. However, we didn't make out, because I was so unsure about making a move.
    Could this be an Indicator of interest, with the messege that I should take her out? Should I consider it to have any meaning at all?
    What I am thinking at the moment, ia that this all happened because she was a bit drunk. Any answer or reply is appriciated, especially if I missed something or messed up something.

  6. Zobek Guerrero

    I miss that chair, Corey used to have:( Why Corey, why you had to break up with that Dracula television chair, why!

  7. Eduardo Castillo

    Hey Coach. Question:
    Do you think you could make a screenplay for… a movie??? You know, based on your advice and book.
    Kinda like what Steve Harvey did with his advice and book.
    You rock!

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