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Request a Complimentary Executive Coaching Session at: http://www.jinalife.co.uk Executive Coach & Spiritual Life Coach Jacqueline Pigdon introduces her Executive Coaching which combines Executive Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching to help Executives Discover A Lot More

I’m Becoming A Health Coach!?|(Holistic Lifestyle,Vegan Diet & Balanced Diets)

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Testimonial from The Spiritual and Life Coaching Course with Jessi Moon

Alivia took Jessi's Spiritual and Life Coaching Course in the Summer of 2016 in Orange County Ca, Hear her huge shift from Jessi's guidance. New classes begin late September 2016, and are ongoing every 3 months... http://letsenlightentogether.com/spiritual-and-life-coaching-course-for-kids/ Discover A Lot More