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Communication Coach Body Language, Public Speaking Analysis of Politicians

Communication Coach & body language expert Ric Phillips (from 3V Communications) on CP24 analyzes the body language and public speaking techniques of politicians after their Canadian Federal Leaders' Debate on April 12 2011. Breaks down the pros Discover A Lot More

Master Class: Performance Coach Brett Manning Shares Valuable Mindset Tools

Brett Manning is a Perspective & Awareness Coach working with Athletes Musicians, Performers & Business Professionals to build confidence, leadership, motivation, trust, purpose, clarity, focus and overall enjoyment. For more information about Brett Discover A Lot More

Ferramentas de Coaching: Valores – Parte 1 | Vídeo Aula com Geronimo Theml

Nesta vídeo-aula, Geronimo Theml ensina o passo-a-passo da ferramenta que não pode faltar em nenhum processo de coaching. Baixe o PDF da Ferramenta: http://bit.ly/yt-vc-valores Link para Parte 2 desta vídeo-aula: https://youtu.be/ntyb4kY6eJw Inscreva-se Discover A Lot More

Sports Psychology Performance Coach shows you Anxiety Reducing Techniques

http://www.SportsPsychologyCertification.com Sport Psychology coach video for performance anxiety shows you how to relax under pressure. Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter talks about mental training techniques from her sports psychology performance coach certification Discover A Lot More

Better Swim Coaching with Gregg Troy: Dryland training for swimmers, part 1

Gregg Troy, head swim coach at the University of Florida and 2012 USA Olympic Head Men's Swimming coach, explains why and how he uses Vasa Trainers and Vasa Swim Ergs to successfully train his swimmers using these valuable conditioning tools. Coach Discover A Lot More