Apertura de las II Jornadas de Coaching, IE y PNL para el empleo y el emprendimiento

Apertura de las II Jornadas de Coaching, IE y PNL para el empleo y el emprendimiento, que tuvo lugar en Valladolid el 12 de Diciembre 2015. Organizado por Escuela D'Arte Coaching JOSE ANTONIO MARTIN José Antonio Martín es Ingeniero Técnico Industrial Discover A Lot More

www.putscher.at Training Coaching Lebensberatung Supervision – Frauenseminar mit Anita Putscher

Sei dabei am 21.-23.4.2017 im Kulturgut Höribach Mondsee Frauenseminar nach Diana Richardson mit Anita Putscher, DLB Persönlichkeitstrainerin seit 16 Jahren, Coach, Psychosoziale Beraterin, Supervisorin, NLP Master Practitioner, Holistic Pulsing Discover A Lot More

Surya Sinha, Management Guru, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, Bestselling Author,

Surya Sinha entered the field of human training many years ago. In the course of his journey as a human trainer, he has left behind many milestones. Today, people trained by him are performing so well that ever their seniors and directors are surprised. Discover A Lot More

Live-Coaching: How our body position affects our emotions – Part 1 – Episode 28 – 2017

Ontological Coaching in action using the Body-Emotion-Language Model (The BEL Model is taken from Newfield Network) Confidence comes from our mindset and our mindset affects our behaviours and how we hold our bodies. Our behaviours are what people Discover A Lot More

HD Nicolay Coaching “The Dyslexia Myth” – Book Promo #2 large screen (Nicolai Nicolay)

For the month of OCT 2015 - educator H. D. Nicolay is offering his book "The Dyslexia Myth: solve reading and writing problems" for a discounted price of just .80 including S&H. Email us at michelle@ipl-nicolay.com for the special offer. Link zum Discover A Lot More